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 surfing electric skateboard!

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Move with style 

Surfing simulation tire design

Assisted stabilizing, safety wheels

Top speed 12mph,
1 hour riding range

Support replaceable battery

LED light effect controlled by Android and iOs app

About Surfwheel

Designed to thrill. Engineered for Surfing on land.

Surfwheel is a one-wheel, motorized skateboard that gives you a zero-gravity feeling while ‘surfing’ on land, enjoy your everyday ride with one of the lightest and most portable electric mobility devices in the market. Equipped with powerful high efficient LED lights providing a safer, fun and easy way to be visible at night.

How to participate


This is a sharing based contest, so the more you share, the more points you get! After you sign up, you'll see a leaderboard where you can check your ranking. The first 2 places in the leaderboard will get a board each! So what about the third prize? The third winner will be selected at random, giving you a last minute chance to secure that bag. What are you waiting for? This is an everyday competition that will last for only 30 days, so start sharing to climb up the leaderboard as soon as you enter!


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