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 Surfing electric skateboard!

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Stay fit, be thrilled, Surfwheeling!

Surfing simulation tire design

Assisted stabilizing, safety wheels

Top speed 12mph,
1 hour riding range

Support replaceable battery

LED light effect controlled by Android and iOs app

About Surfwheel

Designed to thrill. Engineered for Surfing on land.

Surfwheel brings the ocean waves to you. It allows you to feel the flying rush of surfing a wave with the convenience of just having to step out your front door. Exploring becomes thrilling when you are surfing the land on a Surfwheel. 

How to participate

This is a sharing based contest, so the more you share, the more points you get! After you sign up, you'll see a leaderboard where you can check your ranking. The first 2 places in the leaderboard will get a board each! So what about the third prize? The third winner will be selected at random, giving you a last minute chance to secure that bag. What are you waiting for? This is an everyday competition that will last for only 60 days, so start sharing to climb up the leaderboard as soon as you enter!

Take a little while to learn, but then a blast to ride!

This is such a fun mobility device! Part skateboard, part surfing feel, A few disclaimers, I have surfed/skateboarded for years so it came pretty easily for me to ride. I’d recommend using the training wheels for the first few rides, it will help you find your balance on the board. The app connects to the Surfboard via Bluetooth. You control all the board features (lights, learning mode, battery) thru the app. I love the ride and cruising around the my neighborhood, we have wide sidewalks that go for miles! I’ve found the battery last for about an hour of use, but it recharges pretty quickly! It’s definitely a fun toy an adult or teen would love!

Mark D.

Very fun and easy to ride

I just got this awesome surfwheel today and immediately I opened the box (quality packaging by the way) to try it out. It was really hard for about 5 minutes but then it clicked and I was off! So fun! (Disclaimer: I surf and snowboard so I might have an easier time than others), but honestly if you have decent balance (can handle an intermediate yoga class) you should learn in no time. It is a great size, not too big or small. I uploaded a pic of my hand next to it for scale. My daughter who is 9 even learned to ride it and she did pretty well after a few falls (she wore a helmet). I plan to ride this to the grocery store and short distances. Really happy with the purchase especially the price as compared to the other $2000+ versions out there.

Ken Chieh

Perfect for teenagers

I purchased this for my niece and nephew (ages 13 & 11). The OneWheels are a lot pricier and since kids sometimes lose interest in stuff, I think this is more reasonable price point. The packaging is very sturdy so I won't need to re-wrap for them. I'm terrible at skateboarding so I think I'll wait to try it out once the kids ride around on it, but it looks well-made and durable. The running light is cool, and the charge time seems reasonable. Size-wise, I think it makes more sense for a teen but perhaps not full grown adult.

Hannah C